Chroma Pack
A commuter fanny pack that pulls on vintage patterns, and modern design elements to create a fashionable accessory for any gender.

A bag designed with my personal brand applied which could also be mass produced with low production cost. For this project we needed to create a hand made working product that could be mass produced with a low initial production cost. I chose to make a cut and sew project, because it is the cheapest manufacturing method, and I wanted to learn a new technical skill.


I drew inspiration for this project from a couple of Dutch designers (Scholten & Baijings and Robin Pleun).  I loved how they used muted tones as the base color then added a neon or almost neon highlight to the fabrics with either a stitch or a drastic color change. The highlight was also linear, and that was the basis of my inspiration for the pack that I created.


For this project, we were required to make a working prototype. That constraint led me to design a soft good product. I had never sewn before taking on this project, so that was very steep learning curve. I began the process with rough sketches of existing bags, then continued into paper models, and finally began sewing prototypes until I got the patterns down.

The Final Bag

After about 15 different sewn prototypes, I was finally ready to create the final bag. The pattern I chose was to reflect on some early 90's patterns I came across in the research phase, and the muted felt + stitched highlight came about from the two Dutch designers I pulled inspiration from.