Nespresso Holiday Concept
A gift packaging concept that would be sold pre-wrapped to display the company brand prominently. I wanted a package that was easy for the consumer to understand, and gave the company large spaces to insert graphics.


Half the fun of a wrapped gift is ripping it open, therefore I stayed away from traditional box constructions that use a lid to seal the box. Instead, I created a rip off cover that keeps the box closed while also allowing the user the experience of unwrapping.
Another reason for this construction is that once the wrap is ripped off, it creates an opportunity for discoverable graphics when the two flaps fall down off the package.


I always start every project with rapid sketch ideation. Before starting the project, I wanted to explore all interactions, and presentations of the contents.Initially I started a few pages with different major structures for the display. Once I had a general form I liked, I moved onto drawing out the different interactions with the box. This eventually led to me coming up with the ripping concept that I then moved into prototyping. My prototypes were initially created with scrap chip board, then I graduated to creating a full wrap and insert. 

The Final Box

After about 15 different prototypes, I was finally ready to create the final box. The dieline I created for it took a lot of refining, and I realized that I would not be able to hand cut the box myself, so I took the dieline and cut it out at a laser cutter.