A flat-pack airline meal tray solution that reduces waste, space consumption, and eases the amount of work the flight attendants have.

Most flight attendants on long haul flights are serving upwards of 330 passengers. The sheer amount of people being served in-flight means the flight attendants need to be able to prep and distribute the meals fast and efficiently.

Target User

The target user for Fleet is the flight attendants on board. They spend so much time assembling, heating, and distributing meals in-flight, that I wanted to design a solution that was as appealing to them as it would be to passenger.


For this project, we were required to make a working prototype. That constraint led me to design a soft good product. I had never sewn before taking on this project, so that was very steep learning curve. I began the process with rough sketches of existing bags, then continued into paper models, and finally began sewing prototypes until I got the patterns down.

The Final Bag

After about 15 different sewn prototypes, I was finally ready to create the final bag. The pattern I chose was to reflect on some early 90's patterns I came across in the research phase, and the muted felt + stitched highlight came about from the two Dutch designers I pulled inspiration from.