BNO Next Pack Talent Award


Nominated for Top 6
Art Direction

The BNO Next Pack competition is a competition put on by the Beroepsvereniging van Nederlandse Ontwerpers (English: Professional Association of Dutch Designers). The focus of the competition is to give young packaging designers a chance to practice their skills in a professional setting and follow a real-life briefing from a large organization. 

The briefing was to create new packaging for three of Maggi’s existing products which were all within the snack category. They wanted the design to pull from the founder’s story as well. I read this excerpt from Nestle’s website, and was immediately inspired.

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Julius Maggi, the founder of the brand that still bears his name, was a man obsessed. He dreamt, in the last decades of the 19th Century, of creating food products that would become as ubiquitous as salt and pepper, foods that would nourish workers for a fair price and a brand that no-one would ever forget.”


The thought behind “Simply Humble” began with an analysis of the Maggi brand itself. I wanted to create something that connected its humble beginnings with its global product line.

The illustrations in the background pattern were meant to replace the meal photography that can be found on other Maggi packaging. While most of Maggi’s products use photography as the star of the design, I wanted it to take a back seat, and switch up the hierarchy.

Another way the hierarchy was altered, was to make the “umbrella name” stand out the most in the design. This is because I wanted the products to be tied together in a very direct way. I noticed that there were some discrepancies between different Maggi products, so the umbrella name was meant to connect my designs. Following this new hierarchy, I also decided to make the avor illustration the second most important piece of the design, so the consumer knows immediately which avor they are buying.

The illustrative style on the packaging was inspired by my American roots. It was meant to pay homage to the illustrative farmhouse style I grew up with in the Midwest. I chose to illustrate this way because I think it really captures the humbleness I was trying to convey.

The final major design decision I have made which deviates from the traditional Maggi style was to alter the structural packaging of the Opkikker. While we don’t have Opkikkers in the U.S., the current packaging seemed a bit too random for its contents and I wanted to modernize it a bit. Therefore I chose to use a resealable bag because I believe it matched the function of product itself. The opkikker cubes are very absorbent and attract moisture, so I think a resealable bag is a smarter solution to keeping them fresh, and it stands out more on the shelf.